AI-generated Art

Reddit user vic8760 offers this AI-generated artwork using neural-style.

Click image to see the original in greater detail.


Original reddit link here


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Screenshots

MGSV introduced the Fox Engine which it puts to good use in creating the visual atmosphere of the game.

Its handling of lighting under diverse weather conditions and daylight is incredible. Looking back, it’s interesting to see how Kojima discusses the engine in 2011 and the preview of the Fox Engine at GDC 2013.

For a closer look, I’ve published many of my favorite in-game captures here. A few thumbnail samples are shown below.



Wacom Tablets and Windows 10 - Go ahead and upgrade

Wacom users found Windows 7 frustrating and Windows 8 even more frustrating due to numerous pen experience “enhancements” that interfered with their typical usage of the pen in creative applications.

The quick summary on Windows 10 (including the recent Anniversary Update relesed in 2016) is that the experience hasn’t gotten any worse. 

If you’ve been holding out on upgrading out of fear of how it would affect your Wacom pen, don’t wait any longer.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Screenshots

CoD:AW combines a reasonable single-player campaign with graphics that have at least kept pace, though nothing stands out as a major advancement. You can get the full set of screenshots here.




Monument Valley Screenshots

Monument Valley is beautiful, mermerizing, and something you must experience. See a set of screenshots here: Monument Valley Screenshots