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Brand Consistency can kill via pancakes

Redditor CowboyPerfect brings us this troublesome image – apparently found while preparing pancakes for his family.


Read more in the original Reddit thread.


Straightforward analysis should instruct us that things that should be NOT be used together (especially when the consequences are life-threatening) should look very, very different.


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And on a related note, I’ll just leave this here: UX: Being Good is better than being Consistent

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Reader Comments (1)

Always liked this one too :" Mistolin Raspberry contains a bright red liquid and has a picture of the fruit. There’s also green Mistolin Apple and orange Tropical Mistolin. But you won’t find them in the beverage aisle. Mistolin is a household cleaner"


October 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSomnambulist

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