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A Flood of Kinect Hacks


The floodgates have opened. Here are four hacks that caught my eye this week.


Interactive Puppetry

One of the better-looking hacks out there so far. There’s a little bit of a lag between the input and the puppet’s matching response – not sure if that lag is primarily due to the Kinect or the hack.


Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

[via reddit]



A hard one to explain in words – you move and the perspective in the screen alters – so just watch the video below. I’ve seen this before with the Wii but of course it’s much more elegant without having to hold any hardware.

[via reddit]


3D Drawing

[Insert Minority Report reference here]. OK, Cool demo. Like all such hand-wavy (deliberate pun) demos – the challenge is holding one’s arms in the air for an extended period of time is very challenging.



Night-Vision – See what the Kinect is projecting into you


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