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Playing with The Endless Mural

2010 has been a great year for browser based creative applications. First, I became a fun of the wonderful Harmony tool by Mr. Doob and then played with DeviantArt Muro, and now I’ve come across the latest cool visual treat: The Endless Mural.


I am unsure how one describes Endless Mural – it’s not for “drawing” like Harmony or DeviantArt Muro. I’d instead place it in the category of visual toys that generate interesting pixels. Or maybe this is a prototype for an automated tool to generate designs for Affliction t-shirts. For my own use, I think I could use this to create some unique title slide backgrounds for my PowerPoint presentations.


Another interesting difference is that Endless Mural can “play back” the drawings instead of simply showing the final, rendered output.


Here’s a YouTube video of Joshua explaining it in his own words.


And because it can be difficult to appreciate the tool without seeing it in action, below is a quick demo I recorded of me using the tool.

Endless Mural Demo (2010-11-27) from Saveen Reddy on Vimeo.










My attempts at using the tool

Below are a couple of samples I created






And by playing with Photoshop Elements ….


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