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Reconsidering SnagIt for Screen Captures

Almost two years ago I posted my recommendations for Screen Capture and Recording for 2009 and in those recommendations I gave TechSmith SnagIt the runner-up status behind HyperSnap in the screen capture category. And essentially this boiled down to SnagIt being a more heavy weight application – with features I didn’t need.

This wasn’t exactly fair to SnagIt – I never had a reason to use it in the scenarios where it does things HyperSnap does not. Also I never fully used only SnagIt for my workflows for a long period of time – a week at best – and a thorough evaluation requires a somewhat longer-term usage. And what spurred this on is that for the first time very recently I found some scenarios in my daily work where the SnagIt “profiles” feature  would be very useful.

The summary of all this is that I’m starting today I am not going to use HyperSnap for an entire month. Instead every screen capture task I have will be done with SnagIt. Once I’ve had a change to completely switch over SnagIt for an extended period of time, then I’ll revisit my recommendation for screen capture tools. I’m not saying my recommendation will necessarily change at the end, but at least I want to give a fair shot to SnagIt and explore its feature set in greater detail.

Check back in early 2010, at that time I’ll provide an update to my Screen capture and recording recommendations.

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Since I did not have a time machine - I am checking back in early 2011 on your thoughts on SnagIt. As for me - I am still happily using Isotope...

January 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterArt Braune

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