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Preorders available for Lytro Cameras

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting them to look like this. It’s either genius or madness.


Price? $500 for the 16GB model and $400 for 8GB model.

16GB lets you have 750 pictures – averaging out to 21MB per picture. That seems large – but don’t have a statistically interesting dataset to compare it against. Also given what these pictures purport to do, it would be reasonable to expect larger file sizes.



Specs are here: https://www.lytro.com/camera

Some highlights…


Makes sense that it needs a custom format. I wonder if there’s any way to see thumbnails when viewed in Windows Explorer or Mac OS X.



I’m still a little concerned there aren’t a lot of example pictures on the website. Selling a camera, one would think the Lytro site would have hundreds available.

Some other tidbits:

  • Again, these are PRE-ORDERS
  • There is no way to view or edit these pictures on Windows, only Mac
  • The camera will start shipping in 2012

Not much here has removed my skepticism, but let’s see what happens when there are some hands-on reviews.

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