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Large LCD Monitor Recommendations for the 2011 Holiday Season

At least among my colleagues, I seem to be the one of those who are pushing the boundaries of using large LCD monitors – those above 24-inch in size.  You may be looking to upgrade this year, so I’d like to share my experience with my two purchases this year: the 27-inch ZR2740w and to 30-inch HP ZR30w.



Let’s this that out of the way, I really enjoy using these monitors. Easily they are both the best LCD monitors I have ever owned and have no reservations in recommending them.



  ZR2740w HP ZR30w
Diagonal Size 27 inches 30 inches
Aspect Ratio 16x9 16x10
Resolution 2560x1440 2560x1600
Pixel pitch 0.233 mm 0.2505 mm
LCD Technology IPS IPS
LED Backlighting Yes No

Tilt angle

-5 to +35° -5° to + 35°

Swivel angle

±45° ±45°
USB ports

4 USB ports

5 USB ports
DVI-D Yes Yes
DisplayPort Yes (supports HDCP) Yes
HDMI Yes (supports HDCP) No
Weight 10.5kg (23.1 lb) 13kg (28.6 lb)
Power Consumption 120W (maximum)
95W (typical)
<2W (standby)
185 (maximum)
130W (typical)
<2W (standby)
Price (as of 2011-10-21) ~$720 US $1,100



For both these monitors, the first thing you will notice is how bright the displays are and the colors seem very crisp. Both of the monitors I purchased had zero defective pixels – but your mileage may vary.

Notice that despite being smaller, the 27-inch ZR2740w has almost as many pixels as the 30-inch ZR30w – which means that the ZR2740w display has a higher resolution (as you can tell from the pixel pitch in the table above).

The ZR2740w has a LED backlight – this doesn’t have any visual difference to me, but at least it allows the ZR2740w display to be thinner.



I think this is simple – the ZR2740w packs almost as many pixels as the ZR30w into a smaller, lighter device with more support for display inputs and consumes less power and costs $400 less. If you are looking for a larger display for the next few years my #1 recommendation would be the ZR2740w .

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