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VisioAutomation: Moving Forward to Visio 2010

For those of you who want to control Visio via C# or VB.NET, I have a couple of updates I wanted mention about my VisioAutomation library: http://visioautomation.codeplex.com/

Versions and Naming

There’s now two libraries

VisioAutomation 2007 – this was previously called simply “VisioAutomation”. It is built against the Visio 2007 PIA but will work with Visio 2010. Of course, it doesn’t have any features specific to Visio 2010. This version is STABLE and only in bug-fix mode. The only additional code changes here will be adding samples and unit tests as needed. Continuing the previous numbering scheme this is “v4.0” as of today.

VisioAutomation 2010 – this library works only with Visio 2010. This will be a little unstable as I continue to refactor the APIs and add features specific to Visio 2010. My primary development effort will be in this codebase.



I spent a lot of the previous year, cleaning this library up. The API surface area grew “organically” – another way of saying “in a disorganized fashion” and so this latest release has clean it up quite a bit.



The documentation on the codeplex wiki is still relatively accurate if incomplete. I’m still looking into how I can manage the docs effectively so that they are always up-to-date.


Get in Contact!

I love getting email from people who use this library or the tools built on it. It’s always so cool to see that people are doing great things with something I’ve built. If you have any questions, bug reports, feedback on the APIs, please do let me know.

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