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State of the Viziblr Blog: Year One

I started the viziblr blog on this date exactly one year ago with this announcement. Now, I’ll take a moment and reflect on the experience and think about the future.


Writing about the topics that fascinate me has been very enjoyable. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to say or that my initial enthusiasm would fade – and although I have had the occasional slow period – I have kept up activity throughout the year.


It pleases me to no end, that my most popular post is about fixing the problems people are having with their Wacom tablets and windows 7. In know the problem has been very frustrating, so to be able to help so many people. Every time I get a comment on that topic and someone says thanks, truly warms my heart. In a similar vein, those blog posts that introduce readers to new technologies or provide tips or guidance around a topic have been well-received. I want to keep playing this role.

I get a lot of traffic on my MSDN blog – it’s around the 150th in popularity across all Microsoft-hosted blogs (MSDN, TechNet, etc.) – according to the numbers I get sent every month. BTW, we have thousands of blogs – being at 150 from the top is not bad. Viziblr isn’t as popular – which is OK with me – this is not about numbers. I have no ads on the blog, I have to traffic goals, I do this out of my passion only. If the numbers are interesting at all for me it’s only to let me know that I’ve got something useful to share.


  • Original content. If you read the blog, you know I have a balance between simply sharing interesting things I find and creating new and original content for posts. For this next year, I’ll be focusing even more on producing original material.
  • Screencasts. These have been well received and enouraged by the feedback I will be doing many more over the year.
  • Code. I’ve already published my first tool under the Viziblr branding. This facet of the blog will get ramped up quite a bit this year. Some of this will tools, libraries, or simply discussions of techniques – but it will all be related to visualization, infographics, etc. and not general coding.
  • Visio. Many people know I use Visio a lot to create charts and infographics. Also I have a lot of “power user” knowledge that is can be very helpful. Currently, I’m doing most of this blogging on the MSDN blog, but transition to this blog over the next few months.
  • Infographics. Expect this to be a frequent topic for the posts over the next year.


Really, thanks. Thanks for every comment, question, or view. It is always appreciated.

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