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A Simple C# Starter Project for Automating Visio 2010  

Often I need to explore an issue around using C# with the Visio COM automation classes. Invariably, I rebuild the same initial project each time and go through the same basic steps of having to remember exactly how to use Document.OpenEx to load a stencil.

To save myself, and you that time, I created a simple starter C# project. It builds a command line app that should get you started. The EXE simply starts Visio 2010, creates a new doc, loads the “basic” stencil, then draws a rectangle, and finally drops the “rounded rectangle master”.

You can get a ZIP file of the Visual Studio 2012 project on my SkyDrive.

Link: http://sdrv.ms/V7O0Iq


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Reader Comments (1)

Hey Saveenr,

I just want the sample code for visio automation, as I want to create one organizational hierarchy using visio 2013 in visual studio 2013 C# code.

Can you please send me the sample project link of yours?

Thanks and Regards,
Pranav Patel.

July 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPranav

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