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Windows 8 and HyperSnap Corner Clipping Problems  

[UPDATE] As September 16, 2012 HyperSnap 7.18.00 is available. I can confirm it now correctly captures window borders in Windows 8 RTM.

[UPDATE] I had an conversation with the HyperSnap developer on the HyperSnap support forums last night and the good news is this issue will be address in the next build 7.18.00 which is coming in September 2012.

A small thing you should keep in mind if you are using Windows 8 and HyperSnap.

Do keep in mind that issues like this are bound to arise with new versions of software as complex as an operating system. HyperSnap is a solid product –  indeed my favorite screen capture software –  and it gets updated very frequently. So, I have no doubt this will be fixed soon.

But until then, here's a quick rundown of what's going on.

Windows 8 no longer has rounded windows. Unfortunately the most recent version of HyperSnap (7.17.00) doesn't seem to recognize this. The result: it removes –  clips –  a few pixels at the corner when it captures a window on Windows 8.


Below is an example of a Windows 8 window with the background (I used the Capture Region feature in HyperSnap to get this image.)



But look at what HyperSnap does when you capture a Window:




You can plainly see the clipping that is happening.

Again, no worries for now, but if you are using a screen capture tool you may want to check what it is doing on Windows 8. In the meanwhile the native Windows 8 screen capture features do the right thing.


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