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Exporting Windows Media Player Metadata to a CSV file  

I've written about this topic before except at that time dealing with IronPython and PowerShell. Now I'll cover it in C#. (The reason I needed this today is that I decided to use my Media Player library as a convenient source for sample data for another project I am working on.)

If you need the binaries published, just let me know.

The code was tested with Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.0 and Windows 8 RTM. Keep in mind you'll need to get as a reference to WMPLib which is found at C:\Windows\System32\wmp.dll.


using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace ExportWMPMetdataToCSV
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string output_filename = args[0];
            // Add a Reference to WMPLib at c:\windows\system32\wmp.dll
            // for VS2010 and VS2010 - make sure that for the WMPLib 
            //    reference you set Embed Interop Types to FALSE
            var normalized_names = new Dictionary();
            foreach (var attr in all_attributes)
                string name = attr.Replace("/", "_");
                normalized_names[attr] = name;

            var wmp = new WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayerClass();
            var item_collection = wmp.getAll();

            using (var s = System.IO.File.Create(output_filename))
                // using the StreamWriter like this will cause the UTF-8 BOM to be written first
                // this makes it easier to work with in Excel

                using (var w = new System.IO.StreamWriter(s, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8))
                    // Write CSV Header
                    for (int i = 0; i < all_attributes.length; i++)
                        if (i > 0)

                    for (int i = 0; i < item_collection.count; i++)
                        system.console.writeline("WMP Item #: {0}",i+1);
                        // write a csv line for each item in the collection
                        var item ="" item_collection.get_item(i);

                        for (int j ="" 0; j < all_attributes.length; j++)
                            var attr_value ="" item.getiteminfo(all_attributes[j]) ?? "";
                            if (j > 0)


        public static string Escape(string s)
            if (s.Contains(QUOTE))
                s = s.Replace(QUOTE, ESCAPED_QUOTE);

            if (s.IndexOfAny(CHARACTERS_THAT_MUST_BE_QUOTED) > -1)
                s = QUOTE + s + QUOTE;

            return s;

        private const string sep = ",";
        private const string QUOTE = "\"";
        private const string ESCAPED_QUOTE = "\"\"";
        private static char[] CHARACTERS_THAT_MUST_BE_QUOTED = { ',', '"', '\n' };

        private static string[] all_attributes = new string[]

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