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MetaWeblogSharp 1.1.2 Released

You can get the NuGet package here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/MetaWeblogSharp/

The source code is available on CodePlex: http://metaweblogsharp.codeplex.com


While testing it out against my a Squarespace-based blog, I discovered that I needed to disable the use of the 100 Continue header for reliable communications.

This blog MSDN blog post provides a great summary about the issue: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/fiddler/archive/2011/11/05/http-expect-continue-delays-transmitting-post-bodies-by-up-to-350-milliseconds.aspx

In the end the fix was simple:

var request = System.Net.WebRequest.Create( “http://somefakeurl.com” );
var wr = (System.Net.HttpWebRequest) request;
wr.ServicePoint.Expect100Continue = false;

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Reader Comments (2)

Hello, my name is Robert McLaws, and I am a developer in the .NET Community. A few of my friends and I are trying to build a Windows Live Writer replacement for Windows RT (and potentially Windows Phone) and your library seemed best suited to the task... but it needed some modifications to work in those environments. Yesterday, I ported your MetaWeblogSharp library to a Portable Class Library, not realizing you were still iterating on this project. My intent was not to step on your toes, and I should have dug a little deeper first. Please accept my apologies.

My port is here: https://github.com/AdvancedREI/MetaWeblogPortable. It leverages Microsoft.Net.Http to handle the service communication (it's a lot cleaner that WebRequest and far less code is involved, plus cross-platform compression support is built-in), as well as JSON.NET + PCLStorage to handle caching Connections and Posts locally on the device.

The end result is this: what is essentially your library (with some modifications) runs on .NET 4.5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android.

Not sure how you would like to move forward. I can try sending PRs (though I'm not at all familiar with Mercurial), or we can merge the projects into the GitHub repository, add you as a contributor, and update the readme file with the same content as CodePlex. Or they can move forward as separate projects. Your code, your call.

Again, I apologize, I thought the last check in was in December of 2012 and the project was dead. Otherwise I would have figured out how to fork the project and send PRs.

Please let me know how you'd like to move forward. Oh, and also, your contact page is broken.

Robert McLaws

December 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRobert McLaws


Thanks so much for contacting me. It looks like you are doing some great work and for a great purpose - I love Windows Live Writer and anything that brings it to more people has my support. Here's my thought: I like where you are taking it and let's not have two separate efforts. Let's go along with your suggestion and merge the projects on GitHub. And then I can declare that MetaWeblogSharp has officially been replaced by MetaWeblogPortable. I think that'll benefit the most people and keep life simpler for us.

And thanks for pointing out the broken contact link, I've fixed it.


December 28, 2013 | Registered Commentersaveenr

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