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Start CMD.EXE and PowerShell in a Folder The Easy Way in Windows 8  

Launching CMD.EXE or PowerShell in a specific folder got MUCH EASIER in Windows 8 thanks to the File Explorers's File Menu.

First open any explorer window. For example below is a folder in my local SkyDrive. Then click on the File menu in the upper left hand corner.


The first think you'll notice is that has a useful frequent places list.


To launch CMD.EXE:


To Launch PowerShell


But be aware of which folder CMD.EXE or PowerShell will be started in.

You can see thay the explorer window is open D:\saveenr\skydrive\Public



If nothing is selected as shown below


Then clicking on File > Open Windows PowerShell will start the PowerShell session in current location (D:\saveenr\skydrive\Public)

However, if something is selected, for example the Visio folder then the PowerShell instance will start in that folder (D:\saveenr\skydrive\Public\Visio)

It even supports multi-select –  if multiple folders are selected, then multiple PowerShell instances will be launched






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