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Voxel Games Unleashed: Voxatron and Cube World

I love how these games capture the traditional 8-bit aesthetic and bring it forward for a modern audience. (If someone could do this for the interactive-fiction games like Zork I would be even more impressed)




This one I bought recently. It plays at first very much like Robotron but its much more than that. One very nice feature of the gameplay is that the environment is destructible. You can see in the first screenshot below that something on the lower right has been damaged and bits of it are strewn about.


This (rather funny) YouTube video demonstrates the gameplay.


Some screenshots…




Cube World

Forum - http://cubeworldforum.org/

Dev Blog- http://wollay.blogspot.com/

This game has not been released yet. But it looks to be a Minecraft-type RPG. The fan-made trailer demonstrates some amazing scenes. Some things to note:

  • the fine detail on the characters
  • great choice of colors
  • the in-game map (shown on the second screenshot below)



Some screenshots from the video





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Reader Comments (1)

The fact that you just described cube world as a "Minecraft-type RPG" made me hate you more than anything else. People need to get it through their heads that not everything block-based has to do with minecraft. Minecraft was based after a bunch of other games to, and there's a proper term for block-based games as well. Hell, you put it in the FUCKING TITLE!

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